Getting Ready for Your ICU Rotation

Hi! The following are my recommendations to make sure you are as prepared as possible. The more you know, the less stressful your month will be!

First, and most importantly, read through these three documents: 

  1. Read the High Yield Tips for a Super Smooth Month
  2. Read Big Picture Ideas for Daily Rounds
  3. Read through this ICU guide I’ve been piecing together specifically with residents and med students in mind. Ideally, read it before your rotation, and again during your rotation. Email me (see second page) if you think of topics you would like covered.

Then read these:

  1. Read this short piece on sedation and being a patient in the ICU
  2. Read this tiny letter on dying
  3. This short article on initial vent strategy is the best, most basic article on vent strategy I’ve read

Other tools: 

  1. Save this page to your home screen or favorites for easy reference!
  2. Download the ICU Admission Orders Checklist for your first call

A Self-Guided Curriculum with Resources:

  1. I’ve been putting together a self-guided curriculum with resources to discuss with your attendings. Considering using it at Self-Guided Curriculum outline