Do you plan on intubating? Consider printing out or saving this checklist and making sure you understand most things on it. Ask a fellow or attending to go over it with you, and watch some of the videos on the associated site page. It can be kind of jargon-y, but intubating is more than just getting in the tube.

Also, if you plan on intubating, here is a great video of a patient being intubated with video laryngoscopy with an emphasis on airway anatomy, which you need to know.

Learn how to bronch with a video simulatorThoracic Anesthesia Bronch Simulator

Troubleshooting passage of the bougieDifficulty Passing the Bougie

AMA citation generator for presentations and papers: Citation Generator

A comprehensive Intro to Podcasts. There are GREAT podcasts out there, people–this guide has podcasts for EM, CC, medicine, surgery, and my favorite non-medicine podcasts for good measure. Explains what podcasts are, how to subscribe to one, and my own personal take on the podcasts out there.